Poulos & Partners
What makes us different
Poulos & Partners We help you recognise where you want to be and then help you grow towards that vision. We see our approach as heliotropic: just as plants grow towards the light, we enable you to clarify and define where you want to be and help you create the conditions to grow towards it.

We also see ourselves as true partners. We stand in your shoes, act as if we are part of your team or organisation and feel equally accountable and equally motivated to achieve the desired objectives.

We maximise your sense of ownership and motivation by ensuring you play an active role in formulating the objectives, the process and the solution.
Based on our extensive experience and perceptiveness, we are able to quickly assimilate the essence of you or your organisation, filter out the noise, and focus on the core issues that will enable you to make positive changes.

We employ an extensive repertoire of proven tools and processes and are quick to identify innovative, leading edge technologies that can help our clients.
Results Poulos & Partners We are results driven and strive for self funded initiatives. We adhere to our belief that organisational and individual development should show the same direct links between capital and return on investment as other expenditure.
"Their services are well received in the organization because they take the time to learn about our business and speak the language of the participants in their programmes. They show singular determination to ensure clients objectives are met and that the benefits of their work translate pragmatically into the business."
We are focused on creating capability in you and your organisation as quickly as possible. This will maximise your resourcefulness and ownership, thereby limiting the amount of involvement that you will need from us.

We have a proven ability to make a positive impact in all levels of organisations and in a wide variety of cultures across the globe.