Poulos & Partners
What we deliver
The people in your organisation cannot be replicated by your competitors. We therefore help you create a unique competitive advantage by developing and motivating your human resource capital.

Service delivery
Partners Depending on the scope of the programme, we can deliver:
  • A defined objective that is clear, precise, meaningful and powerful.
  • Measurable change in behaviour.
  • Measurable change in targeted skill areas.
  • Self-funded initiatives by ensuring direct financial benefits result from our programmes.
  • Ownership and motivation to embrace the desired changes.
  • Organisational alignment with culture, values and change initiatives.
  • Individual alignment and personal congruency with their core values and sense of purpose.
  • A direct route to building your own capability to enable you to own and sustain your change process.
The job of a master is not to find students, but to create other masters
"Through their work, Poulos & Partners have helped us to create a revolution in how our clients perceive us and how we respond to them. Though it is always difficult to assess financial return on development of this nature. I can offer you the following data:
  • Of our original clients at the start of our work with Poulos & Partners, all of them are still with us and we have expanded our services with them by an average of more than 50% of revenue. This is in spite of the fact that some of them were somewhat dissatisfied with our services when we first introduced Poulos & Partners to our organisation.
  • We have extended our client base by more than 10 clients, each spending in excess of 1m p.a. with us.
  • We have successfully expanded our operations to two other major logistics sites and brought those new employees into our way of working.
  • Our overall revenues have grown fivefold in the past three years.
  • All our major clients now believe we have a business partner rather than a supplier approach, and that we have understood their business and markets to a degree which is unparalleled with other partners. This has positioned us strongly to continue to add value to their business and grow with them."