Poulos & Partners
Organisational Development

Poulos & Partners Organisational and Development programmes will help you establish an effective organisation congruent with your mission and corporate strategy. Depending on your requirements, these custom designed programmes are offered in our offices, a conference facility or outdoor environment.

Organisational Renewal and Cultural Change
To help organisations change, in a planned and pragmatic way, from past practices to desired, future results. Whether the change is in culture, focus or a specific area like customer service, we have extensive experience in helping organisations make sustained positive changes.
Experience Executive Team Development
To help top management teams examine how members work together, to manage the business and, where necessary, establish more productive relationships. We also work with executive teams to create viable strategies.

Leadership Development
Senior managers participate in an intensive outdoor workshop where a mixture of project work, case studies and theoretical inputs provide opportunities for participants to receive honest feedback on their leadership skills.

High Performance Team Development
To help discrete working teams or divisional groups develop into highly effective operating units with organisational cohesion. The major objective of these events is to create high skill levels in problem solving, communication, process management and team working.
Innovation and Creativity
To help teams working on new product or service development projects to create a powerful innovation culture which is collaborative and cooperative. Additional objectives include improving creativity and problem solving skills; as well as creating full commitment to implement the new initiatives.
"Six months after we embarked on the programme, the verdict is that we have been successful against our initial objectives. The two strongest endorsements I can give of the role that Poulos & Partners played are:
  • We couldnt have done it without then but feel we did it ourselves.
  • Weve achieved our initial objectives, but we have a strong desire to go further and most of the tools to do it."