Poulos & Partners
Executive Coaching and Individual Development
At Poulos & Partners, we offer a wide variety of individual development programmes, including:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Personal Counselling.
Poulos & Partners These individual development programmes are on a one to one basis and vary in format and duration. One of our clients says:
"....The one to one teaching style was very important, it allowed me to open up and be honest without worrying about it being used against me outside the course....it made me look at where I am now and where I want to be in the future...it's been the most worthwhile course I have done..."
We emphasise four primary areas in this work: coaching, self-assessment and inventory, interpersonal skills and strategy. Depending on the objectives of the individual programme, we can draw from any or all of these areas in varying degrees.
Coaching At each session, your current challenges are reviewed. Your current strategies and approaches are explored in detail and compared with alternative, more appropriate approaches by using role play, video feedback and discussion. Together we view and experience the various situations from the perspective of the other players to determine the most effective strategies for achieving your desired objective. We develop homework to enable you to experiment with and test out new behaviours and strategies in your working environment. We follow Kolbs learning cycle by doing, reviewing, consolidating and retesting until your new behaviours and strategies are sufficiently refined and become new, more effective habits.
Self Assessment and Inventory
Through refection, worksheets, in-depth discussions and feedback, we explore and clarify your personal skills, strengths and weaknesses, personal work styles, the peaks and troughs of your working experiences, preferences, ideal job content, personal values and goals, motivators and inhibitors, and sense of purpose. We can also use personality profiling to provide added insight into your personal preferences.
Interpersonal Skills
In a one to one learning environment, we customise the development of your interpersonal skills including, for example, influencing skills, situational leadership, personal time management, networking skills, conflict management and communication skills.
Experience Your vision statement: To conclude our work together, we summarise your personnel assessment and Interpersonal skill information and incorporate these into a personal/professional vision statement that will inspire you and focus you on your objectives.

Identifying your strengths and obstacles: We do an inventory of your strengths and assets, as well as the potential obstacles relating to your personal vision. We provide a structured approach to help you maximise your assets and reduce or eliminate obstacles to making your ideal vision closer to realty.

Your action plan: We complete the programme with a detailed action plan to support your personal vision statement. With this plan in place, you will have clear map of where you want to be, how you want to get there and the confidence, motivation and resourcefulness to get you there.

Follow-up: Depending on your requirements, we can provide a programme of ongoing follow-up contact, either by telephone, or face to face meetings, to ensure you are well supported in taking the necessary actions and maintaining your desired changes.

"...Throughout our sessions, you helped me see how my experience to date could be built upon and to fashion a vision of my working life in the future which is already beginning to materialise. I hope many others are lucky enough to learn to see the possibilities clearly, with your help...."