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Career Management

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? When it comes to our career, why should we needlessly limit ourselves?

Track record Poulos & Partners Poulos & Partners has a successful track record of enabling clients to transform work into a vocation. We help them create work situations for themselves which they look forward to and find fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful.

"I have really enjoyed the work we have done together over the past few months. With your support and guidance I have explored the many opportunities available to me, both on a business and personal level. In fact with some real soul searching and creative solutions you have given me the confidence to know I can achieve all my personal objectives. Thank you."
How we do it
Poulos & Partners Our approach is inspired by the best selling author Stephen Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which emphasizes a principle-centred inside out approach to achieving personal and interpersonal effectiveness based on a person's values, character and inner motives.

We begin with an inventory of what makes you tick, your inner essence, what would help you combine your life with your values. We explore areas such as your core values, sense of purpose, your personal goals, the peaks and troughs of your past and current working experiences, what motivates you, etc. We can also use personality profiling to bring added insight into your personal preferences. Together we discuss and prioritise all of these areas, as well as personal and career-oriented issues, to enable us to create a meaningful, and achievable, personal vision statement.

As a result of this process of in depth exploration and discussion, your statement of direction and purpose will be particularly meaningful to you. It will have a clear and positive impact on your behaviour, skills, sense of ownership and, most importantly, motivation.
How we help
How do we help you make your vision real? We do an inventory of your strengths and assets, as well as the potential obstacles relating to your personal vision. We provide a structured approach to developing your assets and reducing or eliminating the obstacles

We then complete the programme with a detailed action plan to support your personal vision statement. With this plan in place, you will have clear map of where you want to be, how you want to get there and the confidence, motivation and resourcefulness to get you there.

"It gave me confidence to do what I wanted to do in my work, to give it a go. The result was that following our coaching work, I had the happiest time for me in my working life, ever"